Contest time!


We have our winners – thank you so much for entering, Cindy and Yadelyn!

I drew some video game characters from memory today and most of them are quite poor, so the first TWO people who e-mail me a list identifying everyone pictured get a small watercolour of the character of their choice!

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  1. Yadelyn

    Adorable Layton is adorable!

  2. Jennifer

    Thanks! He is pretty much the tops.
    PS send in an entry!

  3. Cindy Baker

    I hope it’s not too late!

  4. Jennifer

    Nope! Just e-mail me your address and fave character!

  5. Yadelyn

    Heh, I’m not entirely sure who the first little guy is,
    but is it too late to give it a wild guess?

  6. Jennifer

    It is not too late – I’ve only had one entry so far! Don’t worry if you don’t know them all, just have a crack at it 🙂

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