Continuing Education
Tuesday — February 26th, 2019

Continuing Education

It’s been a while but we’ll see where this goes. I’ve been happily working and baking in the meantime, but really missing the comicking these days. Also, I’ve been having some website troubles lately, so feel free to find me on Instagram @werebears1


Fare and Square 2019

Here is my contribution to this year’s Fare and Square Fundraiser at Eastern Edge Gallery in St. John’s. The event is on December 15. This is actually a print of a slice of bread from my last sourdough bake (which I’ve been doing for just over a year now). I’ve also included a small packet of dehydrated sourdough starter on the back (named Ron)! 8″ x 8″, acrylic on board.


Last August for fun I did a drawing every day of a fish-human type hybrid and I called them Mermades. They were just drawn in my sketchbook and coloured with paint markers and Crayola markers. Here’s my favorite of the bunch.

Fare and SQUARE 2018

Welp, another year has flown by, I’m still in the baking biz, but was fortunate to have Eastern Edge invite me to contribute a painting to their fundraiser again this year. It was another sold out event!

I’ve also included a photo of my current favorite thing to make at work!  

Bee with purple coneflower, acrylic and permanent marker on board, 8″x8″, 2018

Cocoa bean truffle, Soma Chocolatemaker



Painting for Eastern Edge Gallery Fundraiser

I made this painting for next week’s fundraiser at Eastern Edge, the fare & SQUARE Salon Soiree (June 25th). It’s an amazing gallery and they have been very good to me. 

When we were home last summer (Topsail Beach), 8″ x 8″, gouache on board.


I’m almost at the end of my 2-year baking program at George Brown College. Here’s the result of my big wedding cake project. I was happy to be able to use gel colours to paint on the fondant like watercolour.

If you’d like to check out some of my other work from baking school, check out my blog here:


Free Advice

Rainy day watercolours

Rainy day watercolours from a couple photos – an old one from Bowering Park and a new one from Topsail Beach.



















Hi guys

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything, but I managed to make one painting over the summer. It was a commission for a friend; they wanted it to feature their cats and resemble a story book. I had fun painting the golden spine. I also tried a little dry brushing for a very primitive attempt at a Mary Blair look.

I’ve also been busy with school – I’ve just started my second and final year of a baking program. If you’re interested in checking some of that out, visit

Narrative NL

I’ve been fortunate enough to be included in the current show at Grenfell Art Gallery in Corner Brook, Narrative NL. It features works by former students of the fine arts program at Grenfell, and what a fine group of fellows it is. There will be a closing reception in September.
You can read about the show on the gallery’s website, and view images on their FB page.
Here’s my contribution, On the Phone with Nan:




























And here’s another painting I did earlier this year for the Flattering the Masters show at The Leyton Gallery, Dine-In Coffee Co. (after Hopper).


Ghoulish Digest

Here’s a peek at the cover of my collection of Halloween-themed comics I’ve made over the past couple years, with a new story that’s a sequel to Ghastly Attraction, the comic I contributed to the Polternice zines. I selfishly used a drawing by my niece Briar.
I’ve also got some small posters printed of the park drawing I did for The Scope last year.
Both will be available at Canzine on Saturday!