A Crafty Hallowe’en

Oh it was a busy couple of nights indeed. Pumpkins AND a skull cake! This is our first fondant experiment, and it went very smoothly, I must say. And it was eerily delicious.

Best trick-or-treat costumes that came to the door were two girls dressed as nerds wearing sweatervests and taped up glasses! I wish I had thought of that years ago.

We also managed to find the mysterious Crystal Head Vodka… feel free to YouTube that one if you dare.


  1. Jennifer

    I deleted some comments by mistake.
    Metalchick666 was kind enough to post this on her own blog, Skulls and Bacon!
    Thanks again!

  2. starcrossed

    how did you do that cake?? any tips would be appreciated!

  3. Jennifer

    I actually looked up some videos on YouTube about using fondant before I began, since I’ve never used it before.

    Start with 2 cake mixes and bake 4 round (8″ or so) cakes. Actually, I only had 2 little pans, so I used those plus one big tube pan.
    Then we stacked them using icing (again, store-bought).
    Refrigerate for a while so it firms up.

    Then, you carve out the shape you want. We did the skull! No real tips for that, just get some skull pictures for reference if you need it.
    Then, coat the whole thing with a layer of icing. It will be full of crumbs, that’s okay.

    Then, you get some white, store-bought fondant (it’s a bit pricey, but looks awesome). It kind of feels like Play-Doh.
    Roll it out into a sheet big enough to drape over the whole cake. Drape it over and then gently press it onto the cake and into creases, like the eye sockets, and smooth it out with your hands.

    The teeth are little bits of fondant that we shaped, wet on the back, and stuck to the front of the skull.

    Then we painted it with some food colouring and a paintbrush! Experiment on odd bits of fondant before having a go at the real thing.

    Next time, I would like to try putting some jam or jelly in the middle so it bleeds! I’m sure there’s a tutorial out there for that somewheres.
    Hope this helps!

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