TCAF 2009


The crowds from upstairs on Saturday afternoon, the place was packed.


My TCAF pals Scott and Paul!


Outside the Toronto Reference Library.


And here’s my big prize! I bought Clyde Fans Book 1 and had it signed by Mr. Seth himself.

What a great weekend! We went to panels featuring Bryan Lee O’Malley, Stuart Immonen, Becky Cloonan, Paul Pope, Scott McCloud, Chip Zdarsky, and others I didn’t know and/or can’t remember. I gave out a few minicomics and very briefly chatted with some of my favorite artists – Seth, Kate Beaton, Matt Kindt, and O’Malley. If only I could get over the nerves and think of interesting things to say to these people.

We also went to the Doug Wright Awards on Saturday night, which turned out to be a pretty good time. Don McKellar was the host and here’s the awesome video they put together for the “best book” category. And Kate Beaton won the award for best newcomer (or something like that), which I thought was super duper.

Too bad the TCAF is only every two years. Can’t wait for the next one!

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