Games On
July 27th, 2009

Games On

These are all games that I pretty much had no idea how to play as well as the children on television who truly seemed to be having the time of their lives. TWO skipping ropes?? Holy cow, this was way beyond any of our means on humble Christopher Street.


  1. David Gale

    Hahah. Love the hopscotch. To me the most cryptic game is jacks. WTF was that one about??!!

  2. Jennifer

    Oh crud, I totally forgot about Jacks. That is one that I thought looked super cool for some reason, but I had no idea either. I would just slam the little ball on the ground as hard as possible and see if I could catch it on the way down. That was good for about five minutes of entertainment.

  3. juzzard

    I kind of remember how to do hopscotch but maybe I was doing it wrong because it was sort of boring. I absolutely loved, and still love cats cradle.

  4. Jen

    I think jacks and marbles might be simply too archaic. Have you ever listened to an older person (mom) talking about tidley? They remember all the rules and man, it sounds messed up!

  5. Nicholas

    He he, I love your version of hopscotch – it seems so much more interesting than the original! Almost like a combo between hopscotch and twister.

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