Comics and Paintings

I made a second batch of my latest comic book this week, and I took a picture of all the crap layed out for you to enjoy.

If you’d like to buy a copy ($3) or make a trade, please contact me! I might be heading to FanExpo 09 next weekend, so I figured I should have a few more on hand. I’ll also be spending the next few months in Toronto. I’m hoping to do some printing and volunteering at the Open Studio printshop, and make more comics! And probably play some Nintendo and visit the zoo a zillion times.


Here are the last two large paintings I’ll be making, for a little while. I’m definitely going to miss my awesome studio for the next few weeks.


Cape Spear, acrylic and permanent marker on canvas


Rhino Bath, acylic and permanent marker on canvas


  1. David Gale

    I’m curious to know what’s going on in that big panel with the swirling inter-twangled yin-yang heads.

  2. Jennifer

    I can send you one and you will find out!

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