Watercolour test


Saxon and Kenzie.

I drew this image from Mouse Guard Fall 1152 so I would have something to try out my new Dr. Ph Martin’s watercolours on. Apologies to Mr. Petersen! I’m not so good at using them, but I think it’s a decent start. I first saw Lucy Knisley use them on a Ustream video; she was painting an illustration of The Nanny. Then I saw it in person when I went to TCAF and bought her book  : )

Incidentally, Mouse Guard Fall 1152 and Winter 1152 are super fantastic books if you get a chance to pick them up.


  1. David Gale

    I’ve just started getting into watercolour too. Are you using a paintbox, or tubes?

  2. Jennifer

    They are actually little glass vials with pipets, really makes me feel like a chemist or something. They are pretty sweet http://www.docmartins.com/index2.asp
    I found a smaller kit at Above Ground.

  3. Kevin

    I just got the Mouse Guard RPG in the mail. Gorgeous book. Lots of new art and background material.

  4. Jennifer

    Ooooh! That sounds sweet!

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