Silver Spoon, Part One
October 19th, 2009

Silver Spoon, Part One

For the next two weeks I’m going to run a noir-style storyline. Let’s say it’s for Halloween! I recently finished reading The Hunter by Darwyn Cooke and saw a show of his original art last week, so I’m gonna let that sink in for a little while and have a bit of fun with it.

Dark days ahead, my friends.

When is Daylight savings, anyway? I never know until the day they tell us to change the clocks…


  1. kevin

    awesome! i love his tie. noirbears…tee hee.

  2. Jennifer

    Thanks Kevin!
    I really wanted the tie to be an authentic touch.

  3. Darcy Fitzpatrick

    I never know when it is either. And, really, I never want to know.

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