Menu Madness!
November 5th, 2009

Menu Madness!

It seems it’s hard to decide where to eat almost every single time. And if you’re hungry it’s worse, because by the time you finally decide on a place and go in, they’re too full, and then you have to go somewhere else, and then when you finally get served you’re not really hungry anymore and then have -$40 to show for it.


  1. David Gale

    You may have just pointed out the most glaring of our many shortcomings as a country. We have no national foods! Can we even rightly claim poutine? Canada sucks.

  2. Jennifer

    I had a beaver tail at the zoo last week, but that was really just a big flat doughnut.

  3. Darcy Fitzpatrick

    I almost lept to Canada’s defence for a second there, saying we’re too young of a nation to have such a thing (ask an average five year old what her favorite recipe is, for example), but then I thought about how many national dishes NL could claim had we gone on as a country. So yeah, Canada sucks.

  4. Nicholas

    It could be worse; it could have been England. Then you could have had fish and chips. Or even worse – it could have been Scotland. Then you have had Irn Bru, haggis and deep-fried Mars(tm) bar! :b
    So lay off the criticism of my beloved Canada, people! (Seriously, no national food? I’ve never been there, but I half-expected chocolate moose – get it? – or something…)

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