Glass Attack
November 16th, 2009

Glass Attack

I saw a lady do this on the weekend in a fancy chocolate shoppe. I breifly made eye contact with her and quickly turned away. She was unhurt and also laughed. I was pretty proud of myself for not laughing, but I was sure to tell my friend about it as soon as I could. So that probably cancels out my “kindness”.


  1. David Gale

    This totally reminds me of that Ralphy movie. Except he was looking at a bibi (?) gun or something, wasn’t he?

  2. Jennifer
    Couldn’t find a clip where he’s actually looking in the window 🙂

  3. David Gale

    I have very mixed feelings towards that movie for some reason. Also, isn’t it a bit amazing that, although it was made in 1983, it was the first thing ever entitled “A Christmas Story?”

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