Hourly Comic Day 2011

Here are my Hourlies for this year! You can check out the work of many others at the Hourly Comic Day website.

My comics from last year are here and here.

Also, you must check out the crazy awesome hourlies from Philippa Rice this year! She’s the artist behind My Cardboard Life.


  1. Lisa W

    I love the hourly comics…they’re my fav! Rubik’s Cube and Tall Baby made me laugh, a lot.

  2. Jennifer

    Thanks Lisa!

  3. I think you're sauceome. - Gemutlichkeit

    […] Oh! Finished those hourly comics! You can read them here! There’s a bunch more here, but if you want to see a few of my favorites, check out Tony Breed’s and J. Barret’s. […]

  4. Dave

    These are great!

  5. Jennifer

    Cheers Dave!

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