A Fairy Tale of Sorts

A Fairy Tale of Sorts is the third Werebears minicomic, created in July, 2011. It is full of adventure, crazy new creatures, and wild times! Now available for sale in the Etsy Shop!

This is not a collection, but an all NEW story featuring the Werebears characters, a whopping 39 pages of original comics not published anywhere else. Let me tell you, my stapler could just barely do the job.

The cover is a 3 – color Gocco print. There are two variations; you can specify which cover you prefer if you like (brown or beige).

Also comes with a surprise sticker (while quantities last)! You can stick these buggers anywhere!

Finally, there are still copies available of my last comic, Paper Hats and/or Boats.

P.S. I love to trade, so e-mail or Tweet me or whatever and we’ll talk!


  1. Kevin

    i think there’s gonna have to be a trade!

  2. Jennifer

    Yours is on the way!

  3. Kevin

    awesome! pick out a mini on my facebook page and i’ll send it along. i’m not sure which ones you already have 😛

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