Bad reception
January 11th, 2012

Bad reception

This is an awesome game, but you really need like ten people to make it really work. Also, you have to be comfortable enough with them to want to whisper directly into their ears. It’s a pretty weird game.


  1. Jason Poland

    Have you ever played Paper Telephone? It works the same way, but with writing and drawing. It can get really silly.

  2. Jennifer

    Is it like Exquisite Corpse, where you draw the head say, and fold the paper and the next guy draws the bod, and so on? I love that shit.

  3. Hoyttfan

    Hoytt just put the meaning of “smelled like a thousands meadows” into simpler words xD
    And I love all those games you two mentioned. Did you played it with murderer, victim, reason etc? You might get something like “Michael Jackson killed Darth Vader in the elevator with a stick because his feet smelled” or something more funnier than what I just made up 😀

  4. Jennifer

    Haha, that sounds fun too, I think I’ll try that!

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