Littlest Pet Spot
February 18th, 2013

Littlest Pet Spot

Do they make bronzefish?


  1. Oldskool

    IS it just me… am I that jaded…. are the dogs in the window of the front panel as “less than innocent” as I? At every point, this strip had so many levels of guilty pleasure for me. From the store’s no-nonsense name, to the cringe-worthy consistency of how Helmeted-Reader’s brain works. (as an aside, do folks in your area call them “earwigs”, too?)

  2. Jennifer

    Well – believe it or not – the dogs are meant to be playing but on further inspection they could be doing something naughty.
    I was going for silverfish – but we do have insects here that are similarly shaped known as European earwigs. We used to call centipedes earwigs for some reason when I was a kid, as well (shudder).

  3. Oldskool

    Oh, yes, we call “silverfish” earwigs, so yes, you did them spot on. just had never heard them called silverfish very often.

  4. Jennifer

    Silverfish are actually something different over here – they are silvery in colour and like really damp areas and hide away from the light. Eewwwww

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