Summer Scope!

The fine folks at The Scope used my illustration for the cover of the summer issue!

Be sure to pick one up if you’re in the St. John’s area during July and August.



  1. Oldskool

    *sigh* Yup… I am that guy… I squinted as hard as I could to try and find Him and Her in the cover art… Mad props for the well done, gentle and natural integration, of diversity. The guide dog almost got missed.

  2. Jennifer

    Haha! You know, I didn’t even consider trying to put them in there… or DID I?

  3. Oldskool

    *groan* Squinting again to see if I missed em….

    Oh, BTW, just noticed that awesome trick at the bottom, of the guy walking out of the frame!

  4. Jennifer

    Oh I have to give credit to the editor, Elling, for the little dude walking off the main picture, he moved some things around 🙂

  5. Jason Poland

    I love the isometrics in that illustration. This is so cool, Jennifer! Congratz!

  6. Jennifer

    Thanks Jason! I had quite a bit of fun with it.

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